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Established December 1, 2008
Revision July 7, 2017
ASUTOEITO Corporation
Representative Director and President Yukio Shimazaki

Asutoeito Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) conducts business activities and operations of software development and matching sites. Personal information acquired from customers through business activities / operations and personal information of our employees (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) are very important information assets for our company, We recognize that it is our important social responsibility. Therefore, we deal with personal information acquired through business activities and operations in accordance with the policy below, and we will provide “peace of mind” for our customers and our employees regarding personal information protection and fulfill our social responsibilities.


1. Personal information was acquired, used and provided only to the extent necessary for the Company’s legitimate business execution in software development work, operation of matching sites, employment of employees, and personnel management, and was identified We will take measures to prevent the handling of personal information beyond the range necessary for achieving the purposes of use.
2. We will comply with laws on personal information protection, guidelines established by the government and other norms.
3. In order to prevent risks such as leakage, loss or damage of personal information by injecting management resources consistent with the actual situation of the business in order to prevent reasonable safety measures, continuously improve the personal information security system I will. In case of emergency, we will take corrective action promptly.
4. We will respond promptly and honestly and appropriately in response to complaints and consultation concerning handling of personal information.
5. Based on changes in the environment surrounding the Company, we will review and appropriately review the personal information protection management system on a continuous basis. We will distribute this policy to all employees for dissemination and posting it on our website, pamphlets etc., we will take measures that anyone can obtain at any time.

[About the handling of personal information]

1. Person responsible for managing personal information
Administrator’s name: Shunsuke Ishikawa
Department: Affiliation department
Contact: Phone 042-549-7973

2. Purpose of using personal information
(1) Personal information acquired by the Company will be used for the following purposes.
For website design, image creation, sale matching site operation

3. Third party provision of personal information
Except for the cases listed below, we will not provide your personal information to third parties.
(1) If you have consent of yourself
(2) Based on laws and ordinances
(3) In cases where it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or wealth, and it is difficult to obtain your consent
(4) In cases where it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of healthy development of children, and it is difficult to obtain your consent
(5) In cases where it is necessary for a national agency or a local public entity or a person receiving a consignment to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, by obtaining the consent of the principal, When there is a risk of interfering with the performance of

4. Outsourcing handling of personal information
We may consign personal information to the outside for business management. In this case, we will select outsourcers with a high level of personal information protection standards, and contracts for proper management and confidentiality of personal information will be carried out and appropriate management will be carried out.

5. Request for disclosure of personal information
In regard to disclosure of personal information of yourself (notification, disclosure, correction / addition / deletion of contents, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision to third parties) by the principal, We can offer you our inquiries. At that time, we will check the customer himself, we will respond within reasonable period of time.

6. Arbitrariness of being provided with personal information
Whether or not the customer himself / herself is provided with personal information is arbitrary. However, if you do not have the necessary items, you may not be able to provide each service in an appropriate state.

7. When acquiring personal information by a method which the principal can not easily recognize
Cookies are acquired as information exchanged between you and the web server at the matching site operated by our company.
Cookies make it convenient to use the website, it is not information that can identify you. It is also possible to reject receipt by changing the setting of the web browser.

■ Information on procedures for requesting disclosure etc.
With respect to personal information to be disclosed held by the Company, notification, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of usage purpose, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision to third parties, (Hereinafter referred to as “request for disclosure etc.”), we will respond in the following manner.

1. Person responsible for managing personal information
Administrator name: Shunsuke Ishikawa
Affiliation department: Development department
Contact: Phone 042-549-7973

2. Purpose of all personal information to be disclosed
(1) Personal information of everyone who uses our software development service
① To respond to inquiries and consultation
② To provide products and services
(2) Personal information of the business people
For negotiations and business contacts, ordering and ordering, billing payment work
(3) Recruitment to our company Personal information of applicants
For contacting recruitment applicants and managing our recruitment work
(4) Personal information of our employees
Personnel labor management of employees, business management, health management, security management

3. Application for “Request for Disclosure Request” and “Complaints”
Please contact the following address for “Request for disclosure etc.”. We will send you an invoice.

3rd Floor, Shimadaya Building, Tamagawa-cho 1-1-13 , Akishima-shi, Tokyo, 196-0034
Asutoeito Co., Ltd.
Personal information inquiry staff
E-mail address:
TEL: 042-549-7973 (reception hours 9: 30 ~ 18: 30)
※ Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week period will be dealt with after the next business day.

【Destination for Complaints of Complaints】(Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization to which the Company belongs)
Japan Information Economy and Society Promotion Association Personal Information Protection Complaint Consultation Room

Address: 1-9-9 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Roppongi First Building (Reception floor)
Phone number: 0120-700-779
※ This group is not a complaint or consultation destination concerning our service etc.

4. Our prescribed invoice
① Notification of usage purpose
“Request for notice of personal information use purpose to be disclosed”
② In case of disclosure
“Disclosure Personal Information Disclosure Request”
③ In the case of correction, addition or deletion, in case of stopping or canceling usage, suspension of provision to a third party
“Request for correction etc. of personal information to be disclosed and suspension of use”

After submitting the above invoice, for the purpose of identity verification, information about about 2 items (such as a telephone number and birthdate) that can be verified from among personal information registered in our company I will contact you.

5. Fees for “Disclosure Requests” and Payment Method
Only in case of notice of use purpose or request for disclosure, we will charge the following amount (including reply fee from our company) per request. We will enclose the postal order money for the following amount at the time of mailing the invoice documents.
Commission amount: 1,000 yen

6. In case of “request for disclosure etc.” by the agent
In cases where the person requesting “request for disclosure etc.” is an agent, 2. In addition to the document of (1), the following 3. Any of the copies of documents certifying that it is an agent of (1) and 3. (2) Please enclose one of the copies of documents that prove yourself.

(1) Documents certifying that they are proxies
① Primary power of attorney (original)

< When the agent is a legal representative of a minor >
① Resident’s card (Those who know that the agent is a custodian)
② Other official documents that can confirm the legal representation authority (if the agent is not a custodian)

< When the agent is a statutory agent of an adult ward >
① Certificate of registration matters concerning postmortem registration
② Other official documents that can confirm legal representative authority

(2) A copy of the document certifying himself / herself
① Driver’s license
② Passport
③ Health Insurance Certificate of Insured Person
④ Other official documents that can verify the identity
* In addition, please treat the domicile address information to the prefecture, please handle information after that, such as black painting

7. How to respond to “Request for disclosure etc.”
As a general rule, we will reply in writing (sealed letter mail) to the address of the person in question as stated on the invoice.

【Contact point】
For inquiries about complaints, disclosure, etc. concerning personal information, we accept at the following window.
Shimadaya Building 3F, Tamagawa-cho 1-1-13 , Akishima-shi, Tokyo, 196-0034
Astoite Co., Ltd. Personal information inquiry staff
E-mail address:
TEL: 042-549-7973 (reception hours 9: 30 ~ 18: 30)
※ Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week period will be dealt with after the next business day.

1. About personal information in Madadaw

What is personal information

In this service, “personal information” is information that can identify individual users such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, bank account number and (which can easily be compared with other information) Including the ones that will be able to identify a certain individual. In this service, it is collected only when the user transmits personal information, and others other than our company approved acquisition.

Purpose of collecting personal information

Purpose of collecting personal information In this service, in order to use this service, we may ask you to register personal information.

We will use personal information of registered users for the following purposes and strictly manage that information.

For the provision, management of this service:

In order to communicate necessary for the user to use this service

In order to collect, create and send statistical data for which personal information for the purpose of managing this service is not specified

To provide escrow service aimed at secure transactions

To provide identity verification service aimed at safe transactions

To provide telephone verification service aimed at improving reliability

To provide user rank service aimed at improving reliability

In order to use the information registered on the external service in this service or to provide information to the external service when the user permits cooperation with an external service such as SNS when using this service

In order to respond to inquiries to provide information and advertisements related to this service and our affiliated parties by e-mail or other means

To conduct user media interviews

In order to hold a user participatory event

In addition, for the purpose with the consent of the user

In addition to the preceding items, for the purposes permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act

In case you need to use other than the above, we will contact you to that effect beforehand.

Use of personal information

For web site design, image creation, matching site operation


Use of cookie

We manage and maintain the provision of contents of this service, consider as new services, use terminal information for cookie for login information management and advertisement distribution. If the user refuses to accept cookies, part of this service may not be available.

About revision of privacy policy

We may revise all or part of our privacy policy. We will notify you on the site if there are important changes.

Established and enforced July 31, 2016

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