Madadaw Terms of Service

Welcome to Madadaw!

This Agreement, Asutoeito.Co, Ltd. (below, our company) is to provide individuals between individuals and individuals between work, that can be traded directly between corporate work marketplace “Madadaw (マダダウ)” (hereinafter, the website). Individuals and corporations (hereinafter, the user), and individuals and corporations that were registered member in order to use this site (below, member) shall determine the terms and conditions of the service. In addition, this Agreement shall be applied to all the relations that arise with aspects to the use of this site, members and users, to read the Terms and the contents of this Agreement to accept this was thoroughly understood that you shall use this in the site.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Article 1 Definition

Each of the following terms that are used in this Terms and Conditions as follows:

  1. [Website] Asutoeito,Co.Ltd is to provide on the Internet “Madadaw (マダダウ)”. The [Website], as long as they are allowed on the context, it is assumed that the [Service] is also included to be defined later.
  2. [Company] Asutoeito, Co. Ltd
  3. [Membership] approved the “Membership” in this Agreement, in order to use this site, it performs a settled membership registration, individuals and corporations that we approved the membership registration.
  4. User] Members, membership registration of the applicant, and such as visitors of this site, individuals and corporations that allowed to use of this site. Further, unless otherwise indicated, it shall be included as site visitors.
  5. [Service]In the [Service] of this site, or any of the services provided by our company using the present site to member or user.
  6. [Computer Virus] Computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other computer, peripherals, network, for data or software, malfunction, erase, data rewrite other programs are on the harmful effects.
  7. [Orderer] This site, members who proposed to register a work.
  8. [Creator] This site, members who propose to work.
  9. [Competition Type] This site, creators feature to work for the request of the ordering party is issued as a direct work proposed in the non-remuneration payment, pay a reward to the one creator that selected by the ordering party.
  10. [Project Type] This site, creator for the work request of the ordering party has been submitted as a plan, proceed with work on the basis of mutual agreement function.
  11. [Monthly Remuneration] In the project method, the function that the ordering person pays the fee to the creator according to the monthly actual spending to carry out the work.
  12. [Time Compensation] In the project type, a function that an orderer pays a fee to a creator according to the time actually spent for performing the work.
  13. [Project Payment] In the project type, a function whereby an orderer pays a fee to a creator for completion of the work of a predetermined work.
  14. [Completion of the settlement procedures] Competition type or project type, a procedure in which the purchaser pays a predetermined reward to creators, in particular, our company, payment in advance will be from the ordering party. Procedures to pay directly to creators, and at the time, this site will make the payment by deducting the fee specified in this agreement.
  15. [Member Contact information] Member’s address (in the case of a corporation), name or trade name, contact information (telephone number, e-mail address), or contact personnel information.
  16. [Identity Confirmation Service] With the aim of improving the reliability on this site, we will send a verification for [driver’s license], [various health insurance cards], [Foreigner Registration Card], etc to use the function to verify identity and to match registered information in this site.
  17. [Personal Information] Those who have information on individuals and can identify as a specific individual by name, date of birth or other description included in the information (can be easily verified with other information , Thereby making it possible to identify a specific individual).
  18. [Deposit payment] Based on the contract with our client in accordance with this agreement, we will reimburse the creators for remuneration and other money to be paid to the creators by the orderer, or undertake storage consignment based on consignment of creators and pay for creators.
  19. [Amount of Request] The sum of all the remuneration paid to the creators from the orderer party on this site.
  20. [Anti-Social Forces] refers to organized crime groups and related organizations defined in the [Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Boryokudan Members].
  21. [Stealth marketing, etc.] As a means for a business operator providing goods and services to induce customers, conducting advertising acts carried out without noticing advertisement to the consumers, or acts of assisting them.
  22. [Direct request] project method, the function that an orderer requests work from a specific creator without receiving suggestions from creators or giving suggestions to creators.

Article 2 Scope of this agreement · Revision

  1. These Terms shall determine the relationships with the users who use the Site provided by our company. In addition, this agreement shall apply to all legal relations, such as between creators and orderers, between members, etc. arising with aspects to the use of this site. In addition, we can change this agreement without obtaining consent to the user. We will not assume any responsibility regardless of whether direct damage or indirect damage or foresee can be foreseen for any damage caused to the user by changing or adding the terms. The changed terms will be in from to time and the notice will be displayed and announced on this site, and the user shall be obliged to regularly check the latest contents of these Terms.
  2. Regulations stipulating legal relationships between creators and orderers in these Terms shall apply to inter-member transactions and legal relationships between the parties unless otherwise agreed between the parties.
  3. With regard to the provisions stipulating the legal relationship between creators and the client in this contract, and the provisions prescribing the legal relationship between creators or orderers and our company, other members or third parties, the creators and the orderer , Both shall agree with this as the position of the business operator referred to in Article 2, paragraph 2 of the Consumer Contract Law. 4. In addition to these terms and conditions, the usage guidelines and guidelines relating to this site shall constitute this Agreement and shall be obligated to comply with usage guidelines and guidelines when members use this site.
  4. In addition to these terms and conditions, the usage guidelines and guidelines relating to this site shall constitute this Agreement and shall be obligated to comply with usage guidelines and guidelines when members use this site.

Chapter 2 Member

Article 3 Member registration

  1. Membership registration procedures shall be carried out by the person himself / herself as a member. Registration by anyone other than the person who becomes a member is not allowed at all.
  2. To use this website at the time of member registration and after membership registration, membership registration should be done with the contents of truth.
  3. If there is a change in registered contents, the member shall immediately be responsible for correcting the contents of the registration and for managing / correcting so that the member's own accurate information is always registered. Member contact information must also be registered.
  4. The member shall possess only one account. You can not have more than one account. However, we exclude what we have separately acknowledged.
  5. In any case, the member can not transfer, sell, lend or otherwise dispose of the account to a third party.
  6. We will not be held liable for any damages incurred by members due to violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph regardless of direct or indirect damage. The member shall assume the responsibility to the third party if the third party damages the member because the member violated the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, and we assume no responsibility at all.

Article 4 Membership Qualification

  1. Requirements for member registration to this site are as follows.
    ① In the case of an orderer member, having a payment liability
    ② In the case of a creator member, having the ability to perform the requested business
    ③ Agreed to this agreement
    ④ It is not antisocial forces themselves, not antisocial forces in the past, nor have they used anti-social forces, and that their main investors or officials and not being a member of employees constitute antisocial forces
  2. In addition to the preceding paragraph, we can not approve the application for member registration if it falls under the following. ① Those who are found to have the reasons specified in each item of Article 5, paragraph 1.
  3. If we do not agree to subscribe to membership registration, we are not obliged to disclose or explain the reason for not accepting the applicant, we do not accept any responsibility for damage caused to applicant by not accepting to not do it.

Article 5 Cancellation of membership etc.

  1. If the member falls under any of the following items for each member, we may cancel the membership, temporarily suspend, cancel the rights pertaining to membership, We may refuse to use.
    ① When an application is made with content that gives misrepresentation or false recognition
    ② The applicable user has neglected contractual obligations in each service provided by our company in the past or in the past with transactions with other users. Also, if we decide there is a risk of negligence in the future
    ③ Includes laws and regulations or this agreement and other regulations related to this agreement. Hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions". In case of violation
    ④ If you prohibit acts prescribed in Article 21 of this Agreement in the past or if you find that there is a risk of doing so in the future
    ⑤ In case of illegal acts
    ⑥ When it becomes obvious or does not satisfy that membership qualification is not satisfied
    ⑦ When there is trouble with other members or third parties exceeds a certain level of our company regardless of deliberate or negligence
    ⑧ A complaint received from another member or a third party exceeds a certain level of our company regardless of deliberate or negligence. This complaint includes complaints concerning creators regarding the level of work, business speed, and work quality that our company receives from the orderer.
    ⑨ In the event that our company determines that it is difficult for reasonable reasons to continue providing this site
    ⑩ In addition, if we judge that there is a serious obstacle in carrying out the work.
  2. We shall not assume any responsibility, whether directly or indirectly, regarding any damage caused by the measures specified in the preceding paragraph. We will reserve the payment for money for a certain period of time for the money that was supposed to be paid to the member at the time of taking the measure prescribed in the preceding paragraph, at our discretion, other payment It can be adjusted according to the method.

Article 6 Membership withdrawal

  1. If members wish to withdraw from membership, they can withdraw from membership by e-mail. However, at the time of the procedure of withdrawal, we can not cancel members if transaction procedures are incomplete such as settlement of membership transactions. Therefore, the member shall be able to carry out a withdrawal procedure after finished proceeding and completing a series of incomplete member-to-member transactions in accordance with these Terms without delay.
  2. Chapter 3 The use of this site

    Article 7 Role of this site and liability of transaction

    1. This site is a marketplace for direct dealings between businesses that provides various information and functions related to transaction opportunities and transactions for members who wish to work with the members who provide the work.
    2. Transactions with other members by members using this site are direct business transactions between members regardless of the type of competition or project. We will not be contract parties.

    Article 8 About the use of this site

    1. This site is based on the sincerity of the user "I keep myself to the promise I made".
    2. Members will register accurate and appropriate contents in job requests and proposals. Any responsibility for the work / proposal (including the matter sent out in this site) registered and posted by the member within this site shall be borne by such member.
    3. If the registered information is against the truth or if it falls under the prohibited items of Article 21, we may delete the data without notice. However, these things do not mean either that we are obliged to delete or that we are obliged to guarantee that the registered information does not violate the truth.
    4. Members need to clarify registered contents when registering job requests and registering proposals. Do not conduct the act of guiding you outside of this site, such as "Please contact us for details".
    5. Members must not upload proposals or files that are not directly related to the contents requested by the orderer. (Except for uploading to portfolio).
    6. In the event that the member receives "Identity Confirmation Service", we will not submit materials that give false, counterfeit, altered or misidentified.

    Article 9 Non-guarantee etc. of this site level etc.

    1. We, the contents, quality, accuracy, legality (including intellectual property rights and non-infringement of the right of others) · usefulness · We do not confirm the authenticity etc, we are not obligated to confirm and do not guarantee anything.
    2. We do not undertake any responsibility for the contents, quality, accuracy, legality, usefulness, authenticity, etc. of the content provided by our company in this site and absolutely no responsibility.
    3. In the identity verification service of this site, we only confirm the agreement with the registration information, and even if the user is a verified user or a telephone confirmed user, We do not guarantee at all the responsibility of business conducting business, the accuracy of member contact information, the presence or absence of other abilities etc.
    4. In addition to the preceding paragraphs, we do not guarantee the contents, quality, standard of service, stable provision of services, results related to the use of services etc. At all. Even if direct or indirect damage to members and third parties arises due to inaccurate, inappropriate, unclear contents, expressions, acts, etc. in the provision of this site, Regardless of the presence or absence, we assume no responsibility for any such damage. In addition, although we may advise or provide information to users, we are responsible for the accuracy of the advice and information provision, the usefulness, or the realization of the results and not that the user desires.

    Article 10 Matters concerning usage fee of this site

    1. This site can be used free of charge for membership registration, job registration, proposal registration and so on. Please pay the usage fee only in the following cases. The amount of transactions between members and the following usage fee shall include all consumption tax unless otherwise stipulated.
      ① System usage fee at closing time If there is a proposal in the competition method and it is established, or when each one of the planning is completed by the project method, the creator gives our company 7% of the compensation based on the amount among the remuneration paid by the orderer to the creator ) As system usage fee, as stipulated below.

      A, Amount, for a price exceeding 200,000 yen, 7% usage fee
      B, within the amount of money, for the amount of more than 100,000 yen - 200,000 yen or less, 7% usage fee
      C, for the amount of 100,000 yen or less within the amount, 7% usage fee

      ② From the contractor side, we receive 3% usage fee.
    2. Competition method cancellation fee
      A. In the competition system, if the client revokes a request with one or more proposals, the client will be subject to a cancellation fee of 20% in case of cancellation on the day.
      B. Notwithstanding the preceding item, no cancellation fee is required for cancellation of a request made only in a proposal that violates Article 24 of this Agreement, but only a proposal was made in violation of Article 24 of this Agreement The proof shall be done by the orderer party. We will be able to collect the cancellation fee when we have this proof from the ordering party within one week after the cancellation.
    3. Charged option
      ① When using an "hot item option" that can be displayed in priority to other requests at the time of work request, the orderer pays 3,000 yen (including tax) to us.
      ② Payment fee will be paid by transfer to our designated account and credit card according to the method of competition · project and according to the conditions of this contract.

    Chapter 4 Membership Transactions - Legal Relations

    Article 11 Principles of inter-member transactions

    1. Regardless of the type of competition / project, both members are obliged to complete inter-member transactions according to the contract established. Members will be responsible for various tasks, communication, fulfillment of legal obligations, troubleshooting, etc. occurring in inter-member transactions.
    2. We are not responsible for any matter concerning inter-member transactions.

    Article 12 Transactions among members in the competition type

    1. In the case where the client orders by the competition method, the orderer shall pay the amount of the request to us by credit card, by transfer to our designated account by the start date of the recruitment period of the work.
    2. In the case of the competition method, a contract will be established between the client and the winning creators at the time of the winning decision. The contract in this case shall be the assignment agreement of all assignable rights, such as the deliverables selected by the client, unless there is a special agreement between the orderer and the creator.
    3. In the case of the competition method, at the time the contract is established as set forth in the preceding paragraph, all assignable rights of the deliverable shall be transferred from the creator to the ordering party. For that reason, the creator shall receive compensation. However, the contractor agrees that it does not guarantee that trademark registration, etc. will be done with respect to this product in respect of trademark etc. patents.
    4. At the time of the winning decision, the creator gives the right to claim compensation to the orderer. In this case, we will promptly begin the settlement completion procedure and pay our fee in the same procedure.
    5. Winning will be confirmed within 14 days from the client's request end time specified at work request. Even if this date and time has passed, if you do not decide the winning, you will be responsible for the full amount of the requested amount as a cancellation fee.
    6. Members who did not receive the election according to paragraph 2 shall not be able to seek responsibility pursuit or compensation for our company or the orderer.

    Article 13 Transaction among members in the project type

    1. In the case of the project method, a contract between members will be established when there is a notice of winning from the orderer to the creator, and an approval notice from the creator to the winning notification reaches the orderer.
    2. In the project method, when one month has elapsed from the winning notice date by the orderer without the creators having notified the creator's winning notice but the creator has notified the creator, the creator declined the job , The orderer shall agree to this, and we shall be able to do the processing based on this.
    3. The contractor contracts outsourcing the execution of the project and the creator entrusts this to the project execution contract. Contents, delivery date, amount of consignment work shall be the contents indicated in the notice of winning winning and approval notice in the preceding paragraph (hereinafter these contract type contracts are referred to as "outsourcing contract" in membership transaction). The contract form of this business outsourcing contract will naturally be applied even when payment of compensation is based on time compensation.
    4. Prior to the contract establishment, obligation to conclude a contract between members due to members' interaction (including estimate presentation and sample production) regarding contents of the project, delivery date, unit price of time, cost etc, No members who did not win will not be able to seek any responsibility or compensation from us or the orderer.
    5. After the contract is established, the orderer and the creator will mutually inform of their member contact information and strive to make direct contact with the project possible. Clients and creators shall make efforts to agree on mutual legal relationship, such as concluding written agreements in consultation with each other concerning detailed items of the agreement concluded, troubles arising due to lack of agreement or We are not responsible for any dispute.
    6. The form of compensation payment shall be (1) Compensation fee or (2) project unit compensation, when the contract is established. For each remuneration the following provision shall be made.
    7. [Project unit reward]

    8. For each individual plan that makes up the project, the contractor shall proceed with the provisional deposit procedure in accordance with Article 10, paragraph 2, before the creators initiate this. Creators are not responsible for project delays due to delays in provisional deposit procedures.
    9. For each individual plan that makes up the project, the contractor shall proceed with the provisional deposit procedure in accordance with Article 10, paragraph 2, before the creators initiate this. Creators are not responsible for project delays due to delays in provisional deposit procedures.
    10. After the work related to the individual plan is completed, the creators shall report to the ordering person the completion by the procedure prescribed by our company and the ordering person shall promptly verify this, and after the completion of the acceptance, we will confirm the payment by our prescribed procedures.
    11. All transferable rights of project deliverables shall be transferred from the creator to the ordering party at the time of confirmation of payment unless there is special agreement for each deliverable of each plan. The consideration shall be included in the remuneration that the creator receives from the ordering party.
    12. After the contract is established, the cancellation of the contract can be done only when it is based on the consent of the creator and the ordering party. In case of cancellation after completion of provisional payment procedure, we will refund the money concerning the provisional deposit to the ordering party. The orderer and creator shall not be able to make claims and other claims for damages with regard to cancellation to the opponent and our company.
    13. When there is a performance failure, delinquency delay, etc., delinquency specification failure or other delinquency, product delinquency, or other legal problem, the contractor and the creators will discuss the matter by consultation between the parties and We shall settle it.

    Article 14 Special Provisions on Completion of Settlement

    1. With regard to the settlement completion procedure in this service, unless we set separately the settlement conditions separately, it will be by provisional payment. This provisional payment is aimed at substitute payment settlement for creators of the orderer, and the ordering party can use credit card settlement and bank settlement.
    2. We will transfer the requested amount (in the case of using the paid option prescribed in Article 10, paragraph 1, item 3, in addition to the amount of the request,We shall pay by the method with this option fee will be in accordance with this section) to the bank account designated by our company.
    3. In the case of credit-to-settlement, we will reimburse the creator for reimbursement of the remuneration based on the consignor's order, and we will have a remuneration payment consignment agreement between us and the ordering party. In this case, the creator will not dispute that we will make payment for compensation.
    4. In the case of payment by bank settlement, we are entrusted by creators, we store remuneration from client, pay fee to creators, payment consignment agreement between us and client, with us and creators The storage consignment contract shall be established between.
    5. The establishment of the contract naturally takes place at the time when the client selects the settlement method without displaying the intention again between our company and the client or between our company and the creator.
    6. With regard to a transfer agreement or outsourcing agreement to conduct a settlement completion procedure, the client / creator shall be responsible for fulfilling the other party mutually. We will only bear obligations to remunerate the creator for remuneration of remuneration and other obligations arising directly from such outgoing payment consignment agreement to the client if we enter into a substitution payment consignment contract with the client through credit card settlement .
    7. In case of payment by bank settlement, we receive payment equivalent to remuneration from client based on storage consignment agreement established with creator and payment consignment agreement established with client, and for creators. Obligation to make payment of money to be paid to creators from remuneration stored and other obligations incurred directly from said consignment consignment contract and payment consignment agreement.
    8. Besides our obligation, we are not responsible at all, either directly or indirectly regarding the transfer agreement or outsourcing agreement. The repayment consignment contract, or the consignment contract and the payment consignment contract are established separately from the transfer contract or outsourcing contract, and the effect of the contract will not be affected mutually.
    9. In the case of credit card payment, we will reimburse creators for remuneration pursuant to a replacement payment consignment agreement. In escrow of this site, if escrow can not be continued or difficult to continue due to long-term payment due to trouble among members, credit card settlement, or for other reasons, we are subject to discretion at our discretion , It is possible to cancel and refund the escrow with the client.
    10. In that case, regardless of the competition method or the project method, we will not charge the usage fee specified in Article 10, but if the damage suffered by the member for cancellation or refund of the escrow is either direct or indirect loss, We do not take any responsibility regardless of it. In this case, payment of unsettled remuneration is separately paid by the members.
    11. In escrow, if the escrow can not be continued due to a credit card accident or other reasons, the member should contact the company promptly and have an obligation to escrow by alternative means. In addition, we will not be held responsible for any damages suffered by the member, regardless of direct or indirect damage.

    Article 15 Handling of copyright on deliverables on this site

    1. The profiles created by members on this site and the copyright rights of the deliverables proposed by creators shall be attributed to the members themselves created as long as they are not transferred by inter-member transactions.
    2. In Article 12, Article 13, or Article 14, creators are authorized to use copyrights and other such deliverables for deliverables that creators deliver to the orderer and assign rights, Those that guarantee that the creator does not infringe copyrights etc of third part with respect to copyrights such as images, etc., such as materials that creator has been granted usage from third parties , And when the facts contrary to this warranty become apparent, the creator shall be responsible for the delivery of substitute deliverables, compensation for damages and the like to the orderer. The processing in this case shall be settled directly between the orderer and the creators, and we will not assume any responsibility.

    Article 16 Confidentiality in transactions

    1. In the inter-member transaction or the process of establishing the member transaction, the member has confidential information disclosed as being confidential from the other party as a counterparty of the transaction, confidential information which the member can understand during execution of the transaction between the members, We will keep all the personal information held by the member confidential, not use at all for purposes other than inter-member transactions, nor disclose to any third party at all.
    2. Members shall endeavor to maintain mutual confidentiality by separately entering into confidentiality agreements, if necessary, before commencing membership transactions. Regardless of whether or not this confidentiality agreement has been concluded, members on the website indicating that you agree with this section will be obligated to maintain confidentiality stipulated in this section with respect to inter - member transaction, regardless of whether or not this confidentiality agreement is concluded. We do not guarantee anything about confidentiality in transactions between members and we are not responsible for anything.

    Article 17 Contact between members

    1. If the member wishes to know the member contact information which is the other party of the inter-member transaction, using the "message feature" set up on this site or other communication means specified by us and offering to the other party's member to that effect , Member contact information will be obtained from the other party's member him / herself.
    2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if we are based on the order of the court, the public prosecutor's office, or the administrative agency, or when the offer under the preceding paragraph is based on the order of the administrative organs, The member contact information that is the other party of the intermediary transaction can be disclosed to the member pertaining to the request.

    Chapter 5 User's Responsibilities

    Article 18 Improvement of the use of environment

    1. The user prepares necessary communication equipment, software necessary for using this site, all the equipment that required accompanying them, at its own expense and responsibility, placing the site in a state that it can be used will do. Also, at your own expense and responsibility, we will connect to this site via any telecommunications service

    Article 19 Principle of self-responsibility

    1. The user is totally responsible for the use of this site by the user and any acts and results made using that site.
    2. f you give damages to this site or any other person through the use of this site (including the case where the user suffered damage by the other person or the site due to the fact that the user does not fulfill the duty in this contract). ), We will indemnify the damage with our own responsibility and expenses.

    Article 20 Management of Member ID and Password

    1. The member shall manage the registered member ID, password, etc. under its own control. Members can not use, assign, sell, lend, or otherwise dispose of membership / member ID / password to a third party.
    2. Every action taken by using the member ID and password, even if the third party did without consent of the member himself or used illegally, the act by the member himself who holds the member ID and I agree to take responsibility for deeming it. In addition, we are not responsible for any damages caused by the act, regardless of whether the members are willful or negligent.
    3. If the member ID and password information leaks to a third party, or if there is any doubt, please contact us immediately. However, although we can stop or terminate the use of the service by the member ID and password, we can not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by information leak.
    4. The Member requests to the Company to investigate temporary discontinuation of the use of this site due to theft, loss, or misappropriation by a third party of the member ID etc, we will not investigate any damages that occurred, any profitable gain, etc.

    Article 21 Prohibited matter concerning transactions of this site

    1. We will prohibit the user from acts related to the following so that all users can conduct transactions safely and comfortably in accordance with laws and regulations. In the event that the user performs an act that falls under the following, we can be regarded as a violation regardless of whether it is intentional or negligent.
    2. Acts infringing other users, trademark rights of us or others, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, privacy rights, portrait rights, other rights, acts that cause economic damage to others.
    3. Acts that violate these Terms, etc, or laws and ordinances, acts that lead to crimes such as fraud, acts that instigate and suggest criminal acts against public order and morals.
    4. An act of sending or displaying an image, document, or the like corresponding to sexual acts or sexual services, obscenity, child pornography or child abuse, or selling media containing these, or sending, displaying or selling Acts of displaying or sending advertisements to be remembered.
    5. Acts requiring permission, registration, notification etc such as medical, defense, legal document preparation, travel agency etc.
    6. Acts that violate privacy, acts of giving honor or credit or mental damage to other people, acts in violation of the law concerning regulations such as stalking, etc. to other users, us or other people, Act of overdoing repetition of similar inquiries, act of sending a large number of messages by the message function, acts that compel mandatory or with no reason.
    7. Acts that make racial discrimination, skin color discrimination and other discrimination conscious.
    8. Acts related to dating service.
    9. Act on dead drag (so-called legal drug).
    10. Act to request to be described his / her own detailed personal information at the time of proposal in the details of sending out and disclosing his / her detailed personal information or other users, personal information of our company or others (telephone number, address etc) .
    11. Acts of using this website and this site accompanying function outside of this site for commercial purposes, infinite chain lecture and multimarket law, or similar things, things with such things, or our company infinite chain lecture and multimarket, or similar An act of posting contents to be judged to be things that are fearful.
    12. Direct transactions without going through this site, acts to solicit it, or acts in response to solicitation (Including the case of re-trading with the member who initiated transaction with this service).
    13. Regardless of whatever method you use, diversify, resell, copy, transmit, translate, adapt or otherwise use this site or part of this site (content, information, function, system, program etc.) Use for the purpose of profit and use for preparing it, secondary use or duplication of this site.
    14. Usage of security holes and bugs on this site · Acts of causing unauthorized access or artificial high-load access, act of altering or deleting information on this site or other persons accessible by this site, facilities or books of others Unauthorized access to site facilities (communication facilities, communication lines, electronic calculators, other computers and software that this site prepares for providing the service, the same shall apply hereinafter), or use or management thereof Action to disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer this site.
    15. Acts of sending malicious programs such as computer viruses to this site, or acts of putting others in a receivable state.
    16. Acts of using this site as advertising, publicity / sales means.
    17. Acts of translation, reprinting, quoting, duplicating, copying and using the site.
    18. An act of winning his / her request, himself, his relatives, own officials or employees, own acquaintances, own friends, or persons under direct or indirect influence of himself, Act as a spoofing user to use this site.
    19. In the competition method, an additional order act which is clearly different from the request content.
    20. In the competition system, multiple acts including clearly different content of request content.
    21. In the competition system, acts that make clearly different proposals from the content of the request.
    22. An act of doing a request (no compensation, complete commission fee, etc.) that can not clearly set a remuneration, or an act of doing a request (affiliate, mail news registration etc.) aimed at obtaining results remuneration.
    23. In the project method, acts that obviously differ from the content of the request or do duplicate work.
    24. In the project method, act refusing work without reasonable reasons, refusing work by quality of work content, or refusing work after confirming work approval.
    25. Act of conducting delays or ignoring unjustifiable responses to inquiries from other members who are engaged in transactions between us or between members Acts that fall under the category of stealth marketing etc. or acts used for stealth marketing etc.
    26. Other acts that we deemed inappropriate.
    27. If the user violates each item of the preceding paragraph and gives damage to our company, other users or other persons, the members shall indemnify the damage with their own responsibility and cost, irrespective of willful negligence. The content of this section may be subject to additional amendment from time to time as a result of the revision of this agreement, and the user is obliged to always check the latest contents when using this site.

    Article 22 Monitoring work

    1. We shall have the right to declare that the members are using this service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, etc., and also to monitor the acts and illegality against these Terms and Conditions in their sole discretion.
    2. The "message function" provided by this service can be viewed only by the message sender, receiver, and our company. We consult the content of the limited range necessary for the provision of this service including the surveillance work of the preceding paragraph and browse the contents as necessary and think that we are appropriate for the violation or misconduct of the members' In addition to being able to take actions, we may delete some or all of it in light of these terms.
    3. Although "Q & A function" provided by this service is designed to be viewable by everyone, we are limited to the extent necessary for providing this service, including the monitoring work of the preceding paragraph, and as necessary, You can browse the contents and take actions that we consider appropriate as regards violating acts or fraudulent acts of the Members' Terms and Conditions, and we may delete some or all of them in accordance with these Terms.

    Article 23 Respect for intellectual property rights of third parties

    1. The user is obliged to respect the intellectual property rights of other members and others and third parties.
    2. In the event that a dispute or trouble arises between the owner or a person who has obtained permission from the right owner due to the negligence of the obligation under the preceding paragraph, the user shall resolve it by the responsibility and cost of the user, We do not inconvenience you. In the unlikely event that our company suffered damage, the user will be responsible for compensating the damage to us.

    Chapter 6 Operation · Disclaimer

    Article 24 Temporary suspension of this site

    1. We may temporarily suspend this site without notifying the user in advance if any of the following reasons arise. In that case, the use and expiration date within this site may be extended.
    2. Periodically or urgently conduct maintenance of the site equipment, etc.
    3. When the site can not be provided due to fire, power outage, etc.
    4. This site can not be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, floods, tsunamis and so on.
    5. When the site can not be provided due to war, upheavals, riots, mayhems, labor disputes, etc.
    6. In case of failure, maintenance, maintenance etc. of facilities and systems etc used by our company.
    7. In addition, when we judge that temporary interruption of this site is necessary for our operation or technical reasons.
    8. Even if delay or interruption of the provision of this site occurs due to any of the items of each of the preceding paragraphs or for any other reasons, we shall specify in particular in this main contract the damage suffered by the user or other person caused by this We will not bear any responsibility except in case.

    Article 25 Handling in case of copyright infringement

    1. We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties.
    2. In the event that the copyright of your own copyrighted work is infringed on this website and the deliverables of members using this site,
      (1) Country to which copyright applies.
      (2) URLs within this site with problems.
      (3) Explanation of how the copyright is infringed in what way.
      (4) the type of copyright which the person himself / herself holds the copyright and the right thereof is considered to be infringed.
      (5) Your own email.
      (6) Please send us your name, address and phone number by e-mail or post.
      Even if you send the document under the preceding paragraph, we do not guarantee that our company will do anything. Also, the document you mailed can not be returned in any case. In the case where the application is based on the order of the court, the public prosecutor's office, or the administrative agency, we shall deal in accordance with the order.
    3. Any dispute relating to infringement prescribed in paragraph 2 of this Article shall be resolved between the parties, and if we suffer the damage due to the said trouble, the parties will jointly and identically repair the damage. Infringement of rights other than copyright shall be dealt with in accordance with this section.

    Article 26 Intellectual property rights of this site

    1. The industrial property rights, know-how, programs, copyrights and other intellectual property rights included in this site and all rights related to them are attributable to us or their owners, and the user shall be in writing Except in the case of obtaining consent, copying, adaptation, public transmission or other infringement of rights, copying the copyrighted material such as imitation of this site, use of know-how included in this site, copyrighted work such as images, logos, texts, Acts that infringe each right can not be done.
    2. Notwithstanding Article 17 1, the Member shall notify the Company of the service information that the Member has registered to use the Site (information disclosed to the public proposal or disclosure work contents of the site and profile information and between users Publish, display, reproduce, modify, translate etc., public transmission, distribution right without charge, including the contents of the consultation and answers of the public concerned and the content of other responses including those posted on the electronic bulletin board) , Shall be permanently granted.

    Article 27 No-guarantee / immunity

    1. The user shall preserve the data etc. created on this site at its own risk. On our server side, we do not guarantee the contents of storage of these data. In addition, the user shall indemnify us for any damages or liability in case of claims, disputes, claims for damages, etc. caused by loss of data saved at this site or server operation stoppage to our company. However, we shall make efforts to restore the data etc. within technically feasible and reasonable scope if the data etc. are lost (excluding deletion by the principal) and falsified by others, Efforts to restore it will escape claims for damages from members or others caused by loss or tampering. The extent of our efforts to restore can be determined and determined by our company at its discretion.
    2. The responsibility and damage caused by the equipment, lines, software, etc used by the members, and the responsibility and damage caused by the members using the site, shall be borne by the members, and we will be responsible for the intention or negligence of the members Whether or not, we are not responsible at all.
    3. We do not guarantee that we do not include any computer viruses etc in the contents related to this site at all.
    4. Regardless of whether direct damages or indirect damages could be foreseen or not for any damages arising from the inclusion of computer viruses and the like in the contents related to this site, We are not responsible for anyone.
    5. We do not guarantee the state of service provision, the possibility of access, the state of use at all.
    6. We will do our utmost to make this site useful for users, but our responsibility to users is to operate this site with reasonable effort so that users can use this site without difficulty , In the content of this site, due to defects, temporary suspension, partial deletion, change, termination, damage of users or others caused by them, due to the use of this site or failure to use it We shall not bear any responsibility for damages of users that occurred and damage of users or others caused by this site and shall not be liable for damages.
    7. We do not take any responsibility for any troubles that occurred between users, between members or between members or users and third parties in relation to this site, we do not take any responsibility. In the unlikely event of any trouble, the parties will resolve whether within or outside the lawsuit, and if we suffer the damage due to the trouble, the parties will jointly give our attorneys fees to us We will indemnify all costs including such damages and such damages.
    8. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraphs, even if we are liable for damages for any reason for any reason, our responsibility is up to the total amount of fees and other amounts received by us regarding the user concerned.

    Article 28 Change / stop the provision of this site

    1. We will be able to change or terminate this site and part of this service after notifying on this website with a notice period of one month or more.
    2. When we terminate this site or this service after making the notice under the preceding paragraph, we will not be liable to compensate or compensate for damage, loss or other expenses due to the termination of this site or this service to the user , Whether it is direct damage or indirect damage, whether it was foreseeable or not.

    Article 29 Dealing with violations of these Terms and Conditions

    1. In case that the user violates this agreement or the like or if there is a possibility of it, we have complaints / claims, etc from the other person concerning the use of this site by the user, and if our company deems it necessary, If we judge it as inappropriate for other reasons or other reasons, we can take the following either or a combination of these for said user.
      (1) To stop acts that violate these Terms of Service or any acts that might be likely to occur, and to not repeat similar acts, and to realize these as an injunction in court.
      (2) Requesting consultation with other parties (including dispute overseas dispute settlement procedures) for resolving claims, claims, etc.
      (3) Request that the user originates or displays information to be deleted.
      (4) Delete all or part of the information that the user originates or displays, or put it in a state that others can not view.
    2. The provision of the preceding paragraph does not deny the principle of user's self-responsibility stipulated in Article 19 and other terms and conditions.
    3. The user acknowledges that the provision of paragraph 1 does not impose obligation on us to take the measures prescribed in that paragraph. In addition, when we take the measures stipulated in each item of paragraph 1, the user shall indemnify us for the consequences resulting from such measures.
    4. The user acknowledges that the measures of item 4 of paragraph 1 will be conducted without prior notice at our discretion

    Article 30 Penalty and damage compensation

    1. In the event that the user violates the prohibited items listed in this agreement or the like, or if the Company or a third party is damaged due to illegal or illegal conduct, the user will be required to take all the damage (lawyer's expenses, Including the cost of apology or apology advertisement made to the three parties) We assume the responsibility to compensate our company.
    2. In cases where a member conducts a direct transaction (including a case of direct invitation or a case according to an incentive for direct transaction) without going through this service, the member shall pay penalty charge apart from the damages prescribed in the preceding paragraph , We will pay the amount equivalent to twice our company fee specified by Article 10 presumed to have been paid if there is no such action (1 million yen if the amount is less than 1 million yen). In the event that the user violates the prohibited items listed in this agreement or the like and measures are taken under Article 5, we will notify the penalty fee in addition to the damages stipulated in paragraph 1, at the time of the measures of Article 5 Amount of money that was to be paid to the member, the amount equivalent to twice our company fee specified in Article 10 shall be forfeited from said member.

    Chapter 7 Protection of Personal Information

    Article 31 Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

    1. We will treat personal information and similar information appropriately according to "Privacy policy (another page)".

    Chapter 8 Other

    Article 32 Notice or contact

      If notification or contact to the user is necessary, we will do it by e-mail. If the user determines that it is necessary to contact our company, we will contact you using e-mail. We do not accept contact by phone or visit unless we specifically acknowledge it as necessary.

      Article 33 Concept of Time

      From the project registration time to the end time is based on JST (Japan time).
      Established and implemented July 31, Heisei 28

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