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For new member, please go to the registration page. Register

There are 2 member types.

icon-user Project Maker

This account is for registering projects.

icon-user Creator

This account can add skills and portfolios. This account is for applying to projects.

How to activate account :

① When registration is done, activation mail will be sent to registered address.
Click on the URL in the email to activate your account.
② After activation then enter username and password to log in.

icon-arrow-circle-right New Project

Easy to register a project. Just 3 steps!
Explanation below.

Step ① Choose category

Select the category of your project. Notification will be sent to creators who have the match skill category. Please choose the most appropriate category. projectAdd02-en

Step② Choose project style

There are 2 types of project. Project Type and Competition Type projectAdd01-en

Project type?

We will show the content and fee for the project. Then wait for application from creators. Based on the creators application, draft and evaluation, then project maker will decide who will take the project.

Competition type?

Work is done before applying to the competition. When doing project for logo production, creator will submit suggested logo related to the competition. This type is suitable for less project details such as logo production or character design.

Step③ Input Details

icon-angle-double-right Project Name
The title part will be displayed in the project list. Please put a descriptive title so that its easy to understand. Example : Create a company website
icon-angle-double-right Overview
The summary part will be displayed in the project list. Please enter easy-to-understand sentences.
icon-angle-double-right Detail
Detailed Description. Please provide images if possible.
icon-angle-double-right Experience
Please enter the required years of work experience for the creators you will be recruiting.
icon-angle-double-right Prohibited matter
Explain the Prohibited Items Example : Secondary diversion product made by other companies / images copied without permission from other websites and processed without copyright, unauthorized use of copyrighted images.
icon-angle-double-right Other
If there are other details regarding the project’s contract please enter here.
icon-angle-double-right Reference file
You can attach your own portfolio which is related to the project. You can also attach proposals (PDF) that can be published. You can upload draft if words seems possible to describe it.
icon-angle-double-right Order value/Award value
Please enter your desired budget/fee.
【Registering Project Type】
The budget/fee listed is a fix amount for the project fee until the project is finished.
【Registering Competition Type】
The budget/fee will be a reward, and we will proceed to provisional payment as soon as you register. Changes after registration is not allowed. ※ Cancellation fee may be generated , please check here.

icon-arrow-circle-rightHow to use My Page

Once you registered, you can use your own My Page. My page has various functions, management of project etc. will be done from this page. Also, if you have creator account, there is also a function to inform you of matched project from your added skills. You can also edit your avatar picture, add skills, add portfolio and send a message to other member.


Edit from the Profile tab. Please enter your basic information here. Although it is not mandatory except for items entered when registering, those who have more details are easier to be accessed.

Also click “Preview” at the bottom of the tab to display the profile preview page.

 icon-align-justify Project

For creator account, the currently applied project is displayed. For contractor, you can check the status of the current project being ordered or project being submitted.

Delivery processing is also done within this page. Please refer toherefor details on delivery processing.

 icon-book Skill

It is displayed only when you are logged in as creator.
Users who have not registered their skills are not displayed in the creator list then project maker will not be able to find you. Be sure to register skills.

At the same time “Portfolio Registration” upload your own work and get noticed.

 icon-picture-o Portfolio

It is displayed only when you are logged in as creator.
Register your portfolio and express your design skills.
Project Makers are more interested in actual result than words.
Please be sure to register as you may directly appoint you from the portfolio.

 icon-envelope Message

It is displayed when you are logged in as either creator or project maker.
When project maker made the delivery process, a message is sent to the creator.
For details on delivery process, please see here.
It can be used as a way to communicate to creator/project maker.

 icon-star Favorite(wish)

It is displayed only when you are logged in as project maker.
You can choose creators portfolios from the portfolio list as a favorite.
Registered portfolios are displayed as a list in this page. It is also possible to delete at the same time.

icon-arrow-circle-rightAdd Skill

Be sure to register your skills . If not, your account will not be displayed in the creator list.

There are 2 ways to register skills.

①From My Page

Register skills from My Page. Click on the skill tab on My Page to display the list of registered skills.
If there is no data yet, the project maker cannot find you as creator, please make sure to regist.

To register, the page is done from “Register” below the tab menu.
You can also delete skill from the list.


②From Wizard

After logging in, you can enter your skills from the popup window. The input content is the same as what you do from My Page.
Even if you skip registration here, you can re-enter from My Page ①.

icon-arrow-circle-rightAdd Portfolio

If you are a creator, please register your best 10 portfolios.
Members of Madadaw will see your portfolios and might offer you a project. Show off your portfolios !
※Please be careful your post’s copyright . Even a project that already done may require client’s permissions.

There are 2 ways to register a portfolio.

①From My Page

Register portfolios from My Page. Click the Portfolio tab of My Page to display the list of registered portfolios.
When Project Maker checks your credibility as a creator, then they will check your portfolios.We strongly recommend that you add your portfolios.

To regist, input content is done from “Register” below the tab.
You can also edit / delete portfolio from the list.
【Accepted File Format】jpg,png,bmp


②From Wizard

After logging in, you can enter the portfolio from the popup window. The input content is the same as what you do from My Page.
If you skip registration here, you can re-enter from My Page of ①.

icon-arrow-circle-rightStarting and Finishing a Project

Even those who do not have trading experience overseas are welcome here. Madadaw will support you.We will help you manage project progress such as progress management, translation, creator contact and detailed delivery. flowImageMP01

icon-arrow-circle-rightProject Management

90% of creators who are registered in Madadaw are overseas creators. Of course there are many difficulties in requesting work for the first time to overseas creators, such as communication and differences in business culture. Madadaw will support overseas problems from within Japan.
Although specific project management needs to be explained to the client,Madadaw secretariat will help to communicate with the creator in different language.

Since Madadaw has offices overseas,if there is a problem, the local support team will help you.
※We will discuss in case of different agreements which was exchanged at the time of contract. In cases where the contract contents are clearly different or when the work volume is different from the beginning, and it is impossible to deal with the correspondence etc.

If you want to manage and communicate by yourselves, that is also possible.

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